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OWL Season 2 Preview – Atlantic Division

OWL S2 starts in just a few weeks so it’s time to preview the upcoming season and the 8 new teams. We start in the Atlantic Division where NYXL and London will dominate.

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Stage Three Playoff Scenarios

As we enter the last week of Stage Three there are still two spots open for Stage Three playoffs and plenty of teams that still have a shot to at least snag that brand new 4th seed.

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EU Contenders: Who to Keep an Eye On

Contenders is the breeding ground for new and upcoming talent for the Overwatch League. With many of the top teams creating academies to compete in their respective regions, the level of play is already seriously high for what is essentially a tier two scene. But what teams and players have impressed? Let’s take a look first of all at EU […]

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Stage Three Week Four Wednesday Predictions

As we near the home stretch of Stage Three we have an odd day of matches.

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Stage Three Week Three Saturday Predictions

Ohhhh boy did Friday surprise us. Fusion looked awful against a suddenly mid-tier Shock team, we were too hopeful about the Dragons and Boston continues to dominate. Hopefully, we’re not as far off on Saturday.

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What Happened To London Against Boston On Oasis?

London has been notoriously bad on Oasis this season, sporting a winning percentage of 17 percent heading into the Boston match so clearly there’s something almost mental about it at this point. But the loss to Boston was some next level insanity.