Welcome to Push the Payload, a brand new website for Overwatch League news and analysis!

Over the past couple of months,¬†we’ve watched a lot of OWL, like A LOT of OWL, and while the analysis is always solid on desk, there wasn’t really anything outside of that to consistently read about OWL. Well, there is, but a lot of it was inconsistently posted or on Reddit (r/CompetitveOverwatch is great by the way). So why not just start our own website? We hope we can provide some quality content and analysis weekly and that people enjoy reading it.

This was something that Ollie and I decided to start for fun, but we do plan on taking it as seriously as we can. I’m a sports writer by trade so I’m going to try and bring that to writing about Esports and both of us have played hundreds of hours of Overwatch the last two years.

Anyway, we’re ready to start this journey and hopefully we take as many of you along for the ride as we can.

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