Stage Three of the Overwatch League will finally get underway on Wednesday and that means it’s time to make some predictions as to how the next five weeks of matches will play out. Now we could make some normal measured predictions like “NYXL will make the playoffs” or something like that, but that’s not fun. So here are some bold predictions for Stage Three.

The way this works is we’re going to make some predictions that are probably a bit out of the realm of possibility and if they happen we will never stop bragging about it. If they don’t then no harm no foul. Basically, it’s just time to have a bit more fun with predictions than usual.

The Dragons will win two or more games in Stage Three

Ian: Saying that the Dragons will win a match probably would have been enough of a bold prediction, but I’m confident in the new Shanghai roster heading into this stage. I think Geguri, Ado, Fearless and now Daemin will be able to make the roster competitive and honestly they might get their first win in Week One as they play Fuel and Valiant. I don’t think it’ll be this incredible resurgence from Dragons, but they’re winning a couple games.  

Mayhem make the playoff

Ollie: Their drastic improvement in the latter half of stage two, coupled with the signings of Sayaplaya, Awesomeguy and new coach R2der, means Mayhem can challenge for a play-off place in a similar style to Fusion and the Outlaws before them. A favourable meta will play its part too.

Ian: I thought about this back when the Stage Playoffs were only the top three teams, but now that they’re expanded to the top four I am all in on Mayhem in the Stage Three Playoffs. This would certainly be a jump for the team that is 11th in the league standings with a whopping four wins, but they really did look like a different team at the end of Stage Two. Playing NYXL and Fusion in Week One will certainly be a litmus test though.

We’ll finally see Mendokusaii on stage

Ollie: He’ll play one game, have a godlike performance on Tracer, and then we’ll watch Jake kill himself with a pulse bomb the following match.

Ian: #FreeMendo

Custa will go a stage without accidentally ulting

Ian: Valiant’s newest support player has a bit of a history of accidentally using his ults, so as he adjusts to his new squad I think he’ll finally lock it down and not use transcendence for no reason.  

Jake’s Tracer will be Top Half of the League

Ian: So while I don’t feel as strongly about Jake’s play on Tracer as certain people here I will admit that he has been subpar so far when playing tracer. Although he has thrived on maps where Linkzr is on Widow, so think Gibralter, because it has given him space to work. I do think that the team suffers more from the fact that he can’t shotcall when on Tracer than his actual tracer play. But here’s the thing, Jake barely even played Tracer a couple months ago. Then he started working on it on stream and suddenly he was playing Tracer in matches. With Arhan on the team now, he won’t have to play Genji, so he will almost certainly focus all his efforts on improving his Tracer. He trains at an insane level and I think to get his Tracer to even OWL level in a month was impressive, as he has more time he will only improve.

Dallas Fuel will finish with a better stage record than Houston Outlaws

Ollie: We did say bold. Hear me out though, okay? Fuel have two things the Outlaws don’t; a tier one Tracer and Genji. In EFFECT and Rascal, Dallas have the ability to play dive to a higher standard than Houston. Don’t sleep on Rascal’s Sombra plays either, widely considered one of the forerunners on the hero in the professional scene.

Fusion will take the stage

Ian: Philadelphia was a map away from taking Stage Two before NYXL kicked it into another gear and reverse swept them. I think Philadelphia can continue the level of play they showed at the end of the last stage and not only will they be in the playoffs again, I think they pull it off this time.


(Photo courtesy of Overwatch League)

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