By: Ollie Powell

In the current state of Overwatch League there are 144 roster spots available. As the player signing/transfer window closes on Tuesday 126 of those 144 spots are currently filled. Only two teams, Houston and Philadelphia currently house the max 12 players on their roster. But Overwatch is a six-man game. While having 12 players is great (and honestly every team should do it) teams can only field six players at a time.

This problem has been solved for most “bench” players by mid-match substitutions. A player like Spree, who’s a Zarya specialist, comes in to play Kings Row and then leaves shortly afterward. In other situations it’s more fluid, like in the EQO, Shadownburn, Snillo and Carpe DPS quartet for Philadelphia.

Still, there are some players who haven’t been seen up on stage at Blizzard Arena through the first 20+ matches for their respective teams. A few of them, like Super or Space, were too young to play up until now, but there are some players that have been eligible but haven’t played.

Mendokusaii – Houston Outlaws

Possibly the best-known player on this list, Mendo has stated that he has been given the opportunity to play, but doesn’t feel he can add anything for the roster at the moment. Taking into account some of his performances for C9 before joining the Outlaws’ roster, and the team’s severe lack of a league standard Tracer, there’s a reasonable chance we may see him before the close of stage three.

Chances of playing: 60%

Numlocked – Los Angeles Valiant

One of only two British players currently plying their trade in the Overwatch League, it hasn’t been a great couple stages for Numlocked, who on stream said he was not in scrims nor in VOD reviews. Hopefully things might have changed, but with a player of Fate’s quality ahead of him, things look bleak for Numlocked. A move to a Contenders team may see him get some playing time and regain some much-needed confidence.

Chances of playing: 10%

Joemeister – Philadelphia Fusion

A well known Lucio player from his time at Complexity, Joemeister has yet to force his way into the starting line-up ahead of Neptuno. The Spaniard’s performances have been excellent, and his greater flexibility is too much value for the Fusion to lose, so Joemeister doesn’t look like he’ll be moving from the bench anytime soon. He did have some fun during the Sideshow Fusion treehouse saga though

Chances of playing: 20%

iddqd – San Fransisco Shock

iddqd has so far been blighted with his hero pool being entirely covered by Babybay, who’s superior Widowmaker and ability to flex onto Genji and Pharah has kept his Swedish teammate out of the lineup. However, with the arrival of Architect, a far superior projectile DPS, iddqd’s chance may come as he competes directly with Babybay for the role of long-range hitscan specialist. With Sombra expected to play a part in the meta in a big way, McCree could play his part as a direct counter, and watching iddqd running his signature hero on stage would be very welcome.

Chances of playing: 30%

Snow – Boston Uprising

Formerly of Toronto Esports, the Overwatch League feels like a step too soon for Snow. Having only competed in weekly tournaments and a limited amount of minor competitions, the current Boston support pairing of Kellex and Neko seem a step above. With Snow being most famous for playing Mercy, the fact we didn’t see him during stage one when the Mercy meta was in full effect doesn’t breed much confidence he’ll get any playing time soon.

Chances of playing: 10%

Avast – Boston Uprising

Another Lucio main being kept out by the performances and flexibility of a different player, Avast joins the list of players here who probably won’t see much play time unless the starting support Kellex falls ill or is otherwise unavailable. Avast had some decent finishes while playing for Luminosity with the likes of Super and Jake, but again, it’s unlikely we’ll see Avast in the near future.

Chances of playing: 10%


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