On Wednesday we saw two 4-0 games and a surprisingly close game between Seoul and Dallas that went to a fifth map, Thursday will probably look similar.

NYXL have been tearing through the league for the past month and they take on a Boston squad coming off a 2-0 Week One, London looks to bounce back after a 0-2 start against a Flordia Mayhem team who’s improvement has been stunted as of late. Finally, the marquee match of the day sees Houston take on Philadelphia Fusion in the third go-around of a series that is 2-0 Fusion but only 6-4 in maps.

Stage Three Picks Record

Ollie: 9-6

Ian: 7-8

Boston Uprising (14-8, 2-0) vs. New York Excelsior (20-2, 2-0)

Ian: NYXL 3-1

Boston looked good in week one, winning two games that I didn’t think they would, but NYXL has looked unbeatable lately. I think Boston might put up a bit of a fight, but after NYXL dismantled London last week I’m not sure I’m ever going to pick against New York again.

Ollie: NYXL 3-1

While Boston got off to a good start in stage 3, it’s been a turbulent week to say the least. A more favourable map selection and this could have gone to a game five, but with three of the four maps favouring snipers, I don’t think Excelsior will have too much trouble. Striker has prior experience on Widowmaker, but is an unknown quantity in OWL. Expect to see a lot of Sombra and Junkrat from Mistakes, who I think will show up in a big way.

London Spitfire (15-7, 0-2) vs. Florida Mayhem (4-18, 0-2)

Ian: Spitfire 4-0

I really want to pick Florida, I really do, I just have like a weird feeling they could win. But last time I did that Shock lost 4-0 to Seoul, so I’m going with Spitfire much to the chagrin of Carter Gehrke. I think London can win by just diving Florida’s supports who are often left to defend themselves. I am excited to see more Sayaplaya though.

Ollie: Spitfire 3-1

I expect London to get back to winning ways against Florida, but it won’t be smooth sailing. Birdring has looked out of sorts recently, and he’ll face a tough matchup in the Widowmaker duels in Sayaplaya, who has already proven himself to be insane on the hero. The supports will make the difference here though. Zebbosai is not OWL quality, and his tendency to get picked early in fights will be Mayhem’s undoing.

Philadelphia Fusion (14-8, 1-1) vs. Houston Outlaws (13-9, 1-1)

Ian: Outlaws 3-2

Every time these two teams play it’s close. The first two matchups both went to Philly in five maps, I think Houston finally get their revenge the third time around. Houston was inconsistent last week, getting a huge win over London and then looking awful against Boston. Philly also lost to Boston but that was in five maps. It’s a toss up and I’m rolling with Houston primarily based on the scientific factor of whenever I count them out they win. But maybe that’ll backfire because I’m actually picking them? I’m confused. Also EQO still isn’t playing which helps Houston in a more concrete way.

Ollie: Fusion 3-2

It’ll be another close game between these sides, but I think Fusion will shade it for a third time – just. Whether it’s Carpe or Snillo on Tracer, they’ll be a nightmare to deal with, and I think it’ll be the key factor in this game. The map selection doesn’t favour Junkrat, so Linkzr will need to dominate in the sniper duels with Carpe to compensate, something I’m not sure will happen.


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