Friday gave us three incredible matches and yet another big upset as something might be seriously wrong with the Seoul Dynasty. Valiant struggled for the first time all Stage but pulled out the 2-1 win, Dragons came inches from forcing a Map 5 and Gladiators dominated the second half against Dynasty to improve to 3-1.

On Saturday we might not be getting the same level of action. London and Philadelphia play the revenge match from the Stage Two Playoffs, but Fusion have never taken a map off of London in the regular season. New York look to bounce back against a reeling Houston squad and Boston tries to improve to 4-0 in Stage Three against Florida Mayhem.

Stage Three Picks Record

Ollie: 12-9

Ian: 10-11

London Spitfire (16-7, 1-2) vs. Philadelphia Fusion (15-8, 2-1)

Ian: Fusion 3-2

I think this is going to be the only close match of the day. London hasn’t looked great so far in Stage Three despite finally getting a win earlier this week against Mayhem. Fusion looked shaky early in week one after a loss to Boston, but now that we know how good Boston is, Philadelphia is looking much better. Just like their match in the Stage Two Playoffs this is going 5 maps and Fusion will just barely take it.

Ollie: London 3-1

Aside from the playoff game, Spitfire have looked like they’ve had Philly’s number, and think they’ll continue to improve this stage and take the wain here. It’ll be interesting to see if EQO comes back in for Fusion though, as the duo of Carpe and Snillo have started to look real slick.

New York Excelsior (20-3, 2-1) vs. Houston Outlaws (13-10, 1-2)

Ian: NYXL 4-0

Houston does some weird stuff whenever they play against the top Korean teams in OWL, but New York hasn’t really fallen prey to that. It would be super fun if Houston somehow pulled out a win today, but without Junkertown in the map pool it’s hard to see that happening. In their two previous matchups NYXL has taken 7 of the 8 maps played, with Junkertown being the only one Houston has won. While there may be some tense moments, NYXL should bounce back from their loss to Boston.

Ollie: NYXL 4-0

I fully expect Excelsior to return to winning ways here against Houston, who continue to be the streakiest team in the league. The Outlaws continue to struggle with the same issues, namely the lack of a good Tracer, and New York are the best team in the league at exploiting another team’s weakness. I feel sorry for whoever is going up against SBB’s Tracer.

Florida Mayhem (4-19, 0-3) vs. Boston Uprising (15-8, 0-3)

Ian: Uprising 4-0

Boston is for real. They had looked great against Philadelphia and Houston in Week One, but clearly there was going to be a drop off in Week Two after cutting Dreamkazper and playing NYXL. But no, Boston not only kept the momentum going but handed NYXL their third loss of the season. Mayhem haven’t shown the kind of improvement we thought we’d see this stage and Boston is quickly approaching top tier. Boston 4-0.

Ollie: Boston 3-1

The Uprising have looked imperious this stage, and this will continue with another win against the Mayhem. I do think however that Florida will take a map on the back Sayaplaya’s Widowmaker. Mistakes has looked great since he came in, in particular his Sombra, so expect to see more double hitscan from Boston.

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