By: Ian McCafferty

The London Spitfire are in a serious slump right now. Once arguably the best team in the league, the Stage One champs are 1-4 and in 7th place in Stage Three. The matches also haven’t exactly been good for their fans’ health. Three of their four losses have come in a Map 5 on Oasis. First Houston, then Philadelphia and now Boston.

London has been notoriously bad on Oasis this season, sporting a winning percentage of 13 percent heading into the Boston match, so clearly there’s something almost mental about it at this point. But the loss to Boston was some next level insanity.

First of all, London probably shouldn’t have even been in this situation. They took the first two maps and then just had to push the payload halfway to Point B on Junkertown to take the 3-1 victory. They tried running Bdosin on the Sombra and got full held. Their defense had set them up for a victory, but they blew their best chance.


So to Oasis they went and University started innocently enough for London, even optimistically you could say. Both teams ran Dive, with Boston on a pure dive comp with Zen and Mercy, while London ran a Lucio, Moira and Sombra version. London’s first dive attempt was unorganized and a bit hasty as Gesture dove by himself a bit too early and was cut down by a counter dive. Boston would get the point to 38 percent before a much cleaner dive from London separated Boston and allowed Spitfire to take the point.

Spitfire then ran beautiful dive after beautiful dive. First a huge EMP from Hooreg led to a wipe of Boston and then in the next fight London’s tanks separated Kellex and Neko from the team and pushed back the Uprising again. But some cracks started to show. Boston took the point back with London at 98 percent thanks to some timely picks and held it after a double kill on Mistakes’ Deadeye.

But Boston couldn’t hold on, Striker got a bit too cute trying to bait out the Moira fade before sticking anyone and while he was off doing that Profit got a 3K to take the fight and the round.

London was up 1-0.


On Gardens, Boston switched to Sombra Tracer while London kept their comp from University, which meant no discord orb or resurrections. The first fight turned into a brawl as all four supports were picked, but Boston managed to recover quicker and take the point thanks to the extra damage from Neko’s Zen towards the end. London decided to run a more mobile comp and it almost worked, but Boston got enough kills in the initial engagement to stop it in its tracks.

Boston took full advantage of London’s plan to have Moira handle most of the healing and Lucio speed boost for engage. As soon as Moira used her fade, Boston jumped her. Leading to a lot of fights starting off like this:

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 3.56.31 PM

The Sombra EMPs were nearly nonexistent on both sides, two rough ults from Mistakes and Hooreg in the same fight forced out support ults from Nus and Neko, but the beatdrop came out before the Transcendence, allowing Boston to stay up far longer and tear through London. Essentially the support picks are what turned this round.

Still after all this, London should have taken the point back in OT. Profit and Gesture managed to stall long enough for the reinforcements to survive and both Kellex and Neko fell. It turned into Note and Striker vs. Hooreg, Nus and Gesture. Going to be hearing this a lot before we’re done here, but London probably should have won this fight.

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 4.05.55 PM

It comes down to the heroes that were left. just does so much more damage than Winston. If Nus was at full health it might have easily gone London’s way, but Note took out Nus immediately to even the odds. Then despite being hacked, he managed to force a translocation out of Hooreg. Before the Sombra could get back Note melted Gesture with micro rockets and a little help from Striker and the round was over. Hooreg and Woohyal were mere feet from the point with Bdosin on the way. If they take down Gesture even a second slower London comes back and flips it. That’s how close that fight was.

City Center

Here’s a quick summary of the first couple minutes of this round.

Fight 1: clean dive from London. Fight 2: Clean dive from London. Fight 3: HUGE EMP from Hooreg, London at 80 percent.

Here’s where things go utterly insane.

Fight 4: London at 90 percent, Bdosin picks Mistakes, London dive outside choke, Kellex’s health drop below 1/4 but he picks up a health pack and can’t be finished off by Profit. If Kellex is killed here, London probably wins.

Look at this:

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 4.27.47 PM


Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 4.28.44 PM


Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 4.28.59 PM.png

Still, London was at 97 percent. Boston was pinned outside choke and Gesture de-meched Note…….. but Striker touched the point to force OT.

If Striker doesn’t go on a long flank, all the way outside the point. Boston lose 100-0. But since London are so far up, Striker is able to stay alive for a little bit on the point, then the dominoes started to fall. Note de-mechs Woohyal with the bunny blaster, Gamsu kills Bdosin and uses Primal Rage. Neko kills Woohyal, the point flips to Boston. At this point it’s now 99-2 in favor of London.

London was so far out that in order to stop the back cap they had to turn their backs on Boston to go to the point, that allowed Boston to counter dive them and secure the kills. London’s aggressive defense only works if you secure a kill or two. They couldn’t finish anyone else off before Striker was on the point meaning Boston was nearly full force when they pushed back.

Fight 5: Ends after Striker sticks Gesture with a pulse bomb. Fight 6: Boston knows the Hooreg EMP is coming and they play it to perfection. Neko and Kellex hide off the point and as soon as the hack drops they use Beatdrop and Coalescence. Still, London manages to keep a presence on the point and a brawl ensues.

This is where things get even weirder.

It’s 99-89 in favor London as all 12 players are back in the fray as the last fight never actually ended. Note drops and is hacked so he can’t use self-destruct and dies. Then Hooreg EMPs everyone except Striker. Gamsu, Kellex and Neko fall. But Woohyall gets de-meched, that will prove incredibly important.

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 4.37.03 PM

Here’s where we stand as OT starts. Mistakes jumps onto the point and goes invisible. He runs right past London as they move to try and intercept anyone coming back.

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 4.39.26 PM

But focus fire comes in on Mistakes and he has to translocate. London is about to take back the point…..

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 4.42.50 PM.png

BUT STRIKER WAS NEVER FINISHED OFF. As Mistakes leaves, Stirker comes onto the point before it can be flipped, Mistakes is near full health and coming back on the other side while Note is nearly there as well.

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 4.44.46 PM

What winds up turning this fight was the fact that Note and Gamsu were killed before they could use their tank ults. So Note comes back and splits London’s focus in half while also having a self-destruct in his pocket.

London can’t finish off Mistakes, can’t kill Striker and can’t kill Note as he self-destructs. Now Gamsu is back with Primal. Remember all this time Woohyal is de-meched.

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 4.47.57 PM

Now Neko is back, it’s 5v6 and Neko uses Coalescence. London has one ultimate, it’s a pulse bomb…..

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 4.49.54 PM

Watching live I assumed that Profit either lost count of his available blinks or thought he had an angle on the edge of that wall for Boston players rounding the corner. Watching it again I honestly have no idea, it could very easily have just been a panic ult but it’s very likely that Profit lost count of his available blinks and thought he could round that corner and throw a prayer. He uses a blink to escape Gamsu, but then blinks again into a wall immediately afterward despite not needing that blink. Seconds later this happens.

Whatever the case, everything is falling apart for London.

Gamsu kills Nus and then Mistakes finishes what he started. He hacks the entire London team, Gesture falls then Woohyal falls. Profit had backed off the point while hacked and Hooreg was up above. Since London never actually capped the point, OT ended basically as soon as there wasn’t a London player there.

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 4.56.03 PMSo despite only getting three kills, the map and match was over.

If Kellex is killed at 90-0, London wins. If Striker had been caught in Hooreg’s last EMP, London wins. If they catch Mistakes before he can make his way behind them and stall, London wins. If they burn down Mistakes before he can translocate, London wins. If they kill Note before he can re-mech, London wins. If Woohyal doesn’t lose his mech before the stall, London probably wins.

The amount of things that had to go wrong on that map for London to lose is astounding and yet it happened. Not that you’d ever expect it to happen, but that EMP from Hooreg actually wound up being their undoing as it kept both tank ults in the back pocket of the Uprising. Then the unreal stall from Mistakes and Striker.

Finally, there was nothing left but panic and an EMP.

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