As we near the home stretch of Stage Three we have an odd day of matches. The current hottest team in OWL, Boston, faces off against winless Shanghai, Houston and Los Angeles Valiant face off in a game for a league playoff spot while Fuel and Mayhem battle for 10th place in the league.

Stage Three Picks Record

Ollie: 22-14

Ian: 21-15

Shanghai Dragons (0-26, 0-6) vs. Boston Uprising (18-8, 6-0)

Ian: Uprising 4-0

Boston is the best team in the league right now and while the Dragons are getting closer to winning a match, it won’t come here. Boston should have no trouble punishing Shanghai’s supports and taking fights easily. Striker will have a field day and it’s nearly impossible to see Shanghai taking a map let alone three in this match.

Ollie: Uprising 4-0

Boston are the most in-form team in the league, and this would probably be the greatest upset in Overwatch history if Shanghai took a win here today, which I just don’t see happening. The Dragons continue to show there are signs of life, and progress is steady, but they’ve got a ways to go before they’re capable of competing with Boston. Striker has been on fire so far this stage, and he’s my pick for most improved player in the league. I never expected he was capable of these performances judging from his APEX days, but Uprising have built a talented, cohesive squad that will be challenging for the stage three title.

Los Angeles Valiant (16-10, 5-1) vs. Houston Outlaws (15-11, 3-3)

Ian: Valiant 3-1

I see Bunny giving Houston plenty of trouble in this match. Linkzr can probably outplay Soon on the Widowmaker, but just like in other matches the Tracer will be the problem for Houston. I think the tanks and supports are evenly matched so it will come down to which DPS duo performs better and right now I think that’s Bunny and Soon. Any map with Junkrat will be a problem though and honestly the Outlaws should just start running him on every map.

Ollie: Houston 3-2

Whatever the result, I see this going to another game five. Both teams are very even in quality, and the map set they’ll be playing on is split right down the middle. I think the Outlaws will shade this though as LAV have lost a little of their early stage momentum, and I see the Texas team taking both the payload maps and Oasis. For Valiant to compete, they need to drop Agilities on Pharah; he’s not quite OWL quality on the hero yet, and he was their weak point in their loss to London. Houston’s win condition will be the same as always – win the Widow duel, and collapse on the enemy tanks.

Dallas Fuel (6-20, 1-5) vs. Florida Mayhem (5-21, 1-5)

Ian: Fuel 3-1

The last match of the day is the battle for 10th place in the league and this is a very weird match. No EFFECT and possibly no Taimou means a lot lost on the DPS side, but they do still have Seagull and aKm though. I’m taking Fuel simply because Mayhem did not look good in their last match against Dragons. If EFFECT was playing it would be Fuel easily, but this is going to be a very close match given the fact that Sayaplayer may very well pop off. I still think Dallas’ supports are a step above Mayhem’s and that will be the slim difference.

Ollie: Mayhem 3-1

I honestly can’t see Fuel taking anything from this game. With EFFECT currently in Korea they’ve lost their only decent Tracer, and with Taimou spending time in hospital recently, there are doubts he’ll make the game too, so Dallas will be without a Widowmaker. Their starting DPS will most likely be a struggling aKm, and Seagull, who has played nothing but D.Va for the past month. Three of the four maps heavily favour sniper play, and with a player of Sayaplaya’s quality on Mayhem’s side, I think they’ll take this match up pretty handily.

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