By Ollie Powell

Week Two in the Overwatch League saw a string of upsets offset by a return to form by London Spitfire. But those weren’t the biggest takeaways of the week in a meta that thrives on closing the skill gap and making games close.

These are our four takeaways from Week 2 of the season.

NYXL and Vancouver are the Teams to Beat

Both NYXL and the Titans have impressed this week. New York sits at 4-0 after a close 3-2 win against Los Angeles Valiant, but it was their complete and utter dismantling of the Houston Outlaws that left such a mark. The Texan team didn’t win a single fight across both Hollywood and Anubis, as New York once again proved they would be the team to beat this season.

Vancouver looks hot on their heels, displaying a mastery of the 3-3 comp. While the match against Guangzhou Charge came down to their final fight, the team came up clutch when it mattered most. You can take the boys out of RunAway, but you can’t take RunAway out of the boys. In their second game against the much-fancied Shock, they once again proved their mettle in high-pressure situations, taking Kings Row, a map they had no right to win. It’s a shame then that we won’t see these teams go to head to head until the final game of the season unless they meet in the stage playoffs.


Shanghai has finally done it, beating the Boston Uprising 3-1 and dispelling the winless curse. While many may point to the fact this roster is almost entirely different to the one from last season, this record belongs to the Dragons as a franchise, and the excitement and joy at their first win was infectious. It almost certainly won’t be their last, as there is a ton of talent on this team too, with Dding especially impressive on Sombra.    

Philly Get Boomed after Flex Support Woes

The Fusion looked good after week one, but suffered back to back losses in week two after a late illness saw Boombox sit out against the Florida Mayhem and Dallas Fuel. Elk was brought in to cover, but looked uncomfortable on an unfamiliar role with little practice time and was targeted throughout both games. Philly fans will be hoping Boombox is available again heading into week three, especially in a meta that puts so much emphasis on teamwork. Luckily their only game is against the Washington Justice, who they should be expected to beat fairly comfortably.

Valiant go Backwards

While many fans considered the Valiant unlucky to lose their first two games, both of which went to game fives, the way they lost to the Toronto Defiant paints a worrisome picture. Wasting ultimates in lost fights, and saving ultimates in winnable fights, was a constant across the first three maps as the team looked like they were plagued with indecision. Fate was often caught on his own, as the team insisted on running the Winston variant of 3-3, as they have shown nothing outside of GOATs so far. The big question for LAV is if they stick by Custa now on main support, or bring back Kuki, as the team looked far more cohesive with the former main tank on Lucio.


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